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Mistakes To Avoid With Custom Picture Frames

Purchasing a custom picture outline has never been less demanding. Rather than hauling your artistic creation to a custom casing shop—which are presently less and more remote between—with online edge shops you can just see, click and request an order. Despite the fact that it’s simpler, there are some regular errors nearly everybody makes when requesting a custom edge on the web, particularly if it’s their first time.

Picking quality materials without actually needing them

matboardA casing bundle contains not only the casing but rather the tangle board, mount board and coating, which are all accessible in differing degrees of preservation quality. It’s normal to need the most elite, yet the best materials for your framing are not always the costliest ones, as per experts offering picture framing services in Busselton.

Depending on a PC screen to pick the colour

PC screenMost mat boards are in neutral hues, for example, white or cream, however they are nowadays also offered in pastel pinks and yellows, profound reds and blues, natural greens and more to help add additional visual interest to a confined piece. Some new metal picture framing go past the standard silver or dark. The real shade of the board or a bright picture casing can be hard to see on PC screens since the showed hues can change fiercely contingent upon the graphics card or the screen of the computer.

Attempting DIY & not using the right equipment

DIYWhen requesting a complete frame bundle from a shop online, there’s very little assembly required: stick the artwork or picture to the tangle board if important, slide it in the edge, join the hanging pack and hang. A few clients, be that as it may, need to adopt a more active strategy to their casings, which can be an aggregate bumble of the speculation.

Fiddling excessively with custom dimensions

Custom framesOnline custom framing shops can offer the capacity to change the span of the casing, mount board, mat board and points for making one of a kind framing. In any case, once in a while the standard sizes will work best—they are standard which is as it should be! Unless you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sizes you pick are the sizes you need, stay with the standard sizes, or approach an expert for recommendations.

So make sure to avoid these mistakes when shopping for custom picture frames in order to prevent your investment from going down the drain.


Simple Yet Unique Gift Ideas For Your Mother On Her Birthday

Is your mom’s birthday knocking at the door? Want to give her a surprise gift? Here some unique gift ideas that you can put to good use.

Pocket Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Mother On Her Birthday

A Few Moments

Your mother is the person who has made many sacrifices just to make your life a happy and hassle free one. And now it’s your responsibility to give as much happiness to your mom as you can. Always keep in mind that happiness can’t be bought with expensive and luxurious things. Spending some quality and happy times is said to be one of the most precious gift options that can be presented to your mom. Hence on her birthday, don’t forget to make her happy with simple things instead of throwing a luxurious party. Stated below are some simple gift ideas that are both inexpensive as well as unique and are also ideal to present to your mom on her birthday –

1. Plan A Day Out With Your Mom – Spending some quality times with loved ones Mother Birthdayhas become a difficult task for most people due to excessive work…

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Understanding Various Picture Frame Sizes

picture frame
If you want to frame your pictures ideally, then understanding different frame sizes is important. Are you new to the world of picture framing? Then you are at the right place to get all the necessary information.

Picture frames come in a range of size options, but they are generally categorised into standard and non-standard ones. Here, standard means that the frame sizes are common and are available for typical photo sizes. On the other hand, non standard ones are created as per individual requirements.

How to measure frame sizes? : 
frame size
Remember, frame sizes are measured in inches and centimetres in most parts of the world. The general way of determining picture frames is by measuring their width and height. Just keep this in mind that the frame sizes are intended to represent the actual size of the picture and not the exterior size of the frames. So, whenever you go to buy a frame measure the inside dimension but not the exterior part. Do not get confused as the frames are always a bit bigger than the actual image. For example, a 4 by 6 frame will have an opening that is 3 ¾’ by 5 3/4’. This is because, there has to be a ledge that holds the glass and picture in place. There will always be a thin border around the picture which is covered and cannot be seen by the viewers. Experts of art framing in Bunbury can be seen maintaining this simple logic of photo frames.

The frame selection : 

frame selectionBefore you buy frames always make sure that they can be used both vertically and horizontally. Often times, you will find frames that can only be used in a single direction. For example, a heart shaped unit cannot be turned on its side, otherwise it will look very weird. Another way of frame selection is to look for any decorations that go in a specific direction. Photo frames with images or faces embossed is a common example. If you turn them on their side, they would not look attractive because the embossed figures will run horizontally.
The last thing you need to do is check the back side of the frame. If you plan to keep the frame on a table instead of hanging on a wall, you will probably need to check the easel on the rear so that the frame can be placed both in vertical and horizontal position.

Mastering the selection of picture frames can mean a lot when it comes to protecting valuable arts and memorable pictures.

How To Find A Reputed Picture Frame Shop?

Picture Frame Shop
Photos are one of the most valuable things that can help us to relive old and precious memories forever. Hence every photo must be framed properly in order to prevent loss or damages. It is advisable only to hire a professional photo framer who can embellish your valuable pictures without hampering them. You can find many such professionals who offer reliable picture framing services. However instead of getting confused about whom to choose, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional from a well known picture frame shop in Bunbury who can serve you with a satisfactory as well as affordable service. For this, you need to consider certain simple yet important factors which have been discussed below –

1. Get multiple quotes – In order to get the best service, always prefer to obtain quotations from at least three to four different places. This way, you can have a rough idea about the different services and price structure offered by the shops.

2. Get referrals – None but people who have availed services previously from a picture framer can only provide you with authentic information about their price structure and quality. Thus, ask your neighbours, friends and family members about any local framer who can serve you with quality service at an affordable price.

3. Know their experience – Apart from getting quality referrals, it is also important to know about the experience that your preferred framer has. This is crucial because if you really want to get a quality and long lasting service for framing your valuable photographs, then hiring an experienced professional is definitely mandatory.

4. Have a face to face conversation – In order to ensure that your preferred professional is an experienced as well as a reputed one, make sure to have a face to face conversation. By discussing directly your requirements with the professional, you can get an idea about whether he/she can serve you according to your needs or not. Observe the body language as well. If you find that the professional is busy in highlighting too much of his/her goodwill, then it is advisable to move on to the other service providers.

5. Make the final appointment – After following all the above discussed steps, make the final appointment with the most reliable service provider according to your preference. However if you ever have any query regarding the service, then never hesitate to ask directly and clear the doubts.

Thus, get ready to cherish your memories forever by framing your precious photographs.

The Dawn Of Picture Frames


In order to describe how picture frames came into being, it is imperative for the discussion to start right from when man began creating meaningful pictures with high attention to detailing. The first ever frames were crafted using mosaic, or simply drawn around the perimeter of paintings. They were very common on the walls of buildings and could not be separated from the pictures that they formed the boundaries of, for obvious reasons.

With the introduction of iconography around the 13th century, frames began to be manufactured using wood. But even though their production started sometime in the 1300s, real frames did not appear until the 14th century. However, what we use for decorating our pictures today was actually invented at the time of the Renaissance movement, with the help of expensive wood, precious stones & metals, tortoise shell, pearl and ivory.

Professional quality frames were produced during the 16th century, as a large number of frame workshops began to come up in different places. Since the technology was not so advanced as it is today, everything was prepared by craftsmen who possessed effective carving & carpentry skills. Some artists even prepared frames on their own for the artworks that they made. Then after sometime, graphic artists begin to make ‘mats’, on which the pictures were first set and then framed. The colour and shape of the frames depended on the prevailing era – massive guilds during the Baroque era, dark & restrained options at the time of the Dutch prominence, and so on. Classic specimens are heavily embellished with ornaments and relief. On the other hand, country style variants feature light green, yellow-brown or cherry tones.

In the modern times, picture frames are produced out of various materials such as ceramics, aluminium, plastic, glass and different types of wood. There are plenty of businesses that offer high quality canvas framing in Bunbury. With passage of time, professionals are coming up with new styles of frames to adorn photographs and other memories with. And for them, picking the right one is itself an art, since the number of options available is endless.

A typical frame manifests the aesthetic preferences and likes of its owner, but it also maintains the balance between itself and internal content of the art piece or picture. In order to frame anything the right way, be it a picture, photograph, memorabilia, or artwork, proper care and attention are required imperatively.